St. John the Evangelist and St. Anthony's Churches

Please read this information in its entirety, including the FAQ section. It will answer most if not all questions you may have regarding weddings.

No later than 1 year before your desired wedding date, you are required to attend a wedding appointment with our wedding coordinator. Bride and groom both need to be present at the appointment. Fees will be discussed and a date and time for your wedding will be tentatively set. Diocesan pre-nuptial investigation forms will be completed at this appointment.

Please be prepared to bring the following to the wedding appointment:

1. Several dates/times of requested wedding
2. To reserve the Church, bring a personal check (No credit or debit cards)
3. If previously married, a Certificate of Death of spouse or a copy of the Decree of Church Nullity with the Divorce Decree
4. CURRENT Baptismal Certificates for both bride and groom. This should include notations of all sacraments received. This is not your original birth certificate. It must have your parish seal affixed.
5. The form "Prenuptial Investigation" (Link below). Please print this document, fill it out but do not sign. You will sign it at your wedding appointment
*NOTE*: Only print PNI if you live in the Albany Diocese. If you live in a different Diocese, please complete their paperwork with your local priest. (Also see FAQ below)

At the wedding appointment, we will give you:

1. The book Together for Life, which will enable you to plan the wedding ceremony
2. A contract to return to us once signed by both bride and groom
3. A time to meet with Father Carlino

In the meantime, you should:

1. Contact the pre-cana registrar for the Albany Diocese:
518-453-6644 or
2. Visit the RCDA website for how to plan a Catholic wedding (click below)
Marriage Prep Q&A, Tips and Timeline (

Within 3 months of the wedding you must:

1. Contact the Parish Organist
St. John's: Janet Rainey (518) 377-7237
St. Anthony's: Mark Reilly (518) 331-8047
2. Provide the Letter of Suitability for your guest Celebrant (if required) (see below)

Within 1 month of the wedding you must:

1. Drop off or mail to the parish office reading selections taken from the book Together for Life

The day of the ceremony you must:

1. Bring your marriage license

Frequently Asked Questions for Weddings (FAQ)
St. John the Evangelist and St. Anthony's Churches

The Ceremony:
Q: Should I have a Nuptial Mass or a ceremony?
A: The norm for all Marriages is a Wedding ceremony - not a full Mass
Q: What if I want to get married as soon as possible?
A: Please call and we will discuss options
Q: What time can we have our ceremony?
A: Both churches have the same time slots available. 1:00pm is the latest time slot on a Saturday afternoon that can be booked. 6:00pm is the earliest Saturday evening time slot. On Sundays, the only time slot is 2:00pm.
Q: Who will preside over my ceremony?
A: The Celebrant will generally be a Deacon. If you happen to know another Deacon or Priest, he would be welcome to celebrate your ceremony. Details related to the ceremony will be discussed with the Celebrant or with Fr. Carlino.
Q: We live outside the Albany Diocese. How does this work?
A: If you live outside the Albany Diocese you must obtain permission to be married in our Diocese. You must complete Diocesan paperwork with a Priest that is in your home Diocese. Along with a pre-cana class certificate of completion, that paperwork should then be sent to the Albany Diocese Tribunal, 40 N. Main St. Albany NY 12203.
Q: How do I choose readings for our ceremony?
A: The book Together for Life, which we will give you at your wedding appointment, can help you choose appropriate readings. Whoever is going to read at your ceremony should be given the readings at least one month ahead of time.
Q: Can we light a wedding or unity candle?
A: Yes. Please bring the three candles to the ceremony and give them to the Celebrant. We suggest a single white pillar with two small white tapers.

Q: I have questions about music for my ceremony. Who can I speak to?
A: Please direct all questions regarding music to the appropriate Parish Organist, and contact them within 3 months of your wedding:
St John's: Janet Rainey (518) 377-7237
St. Anthony's: Mark Reilly (518) 331-8047
Q: May we have our own organist play at our ceremony?
A: Yes, you may. However, Diocesan policy requires that fees must be paid to the Parish Organist, regardless of who plays music at your wedding.

Q: Are there restrictions on where I am allowed to place flowers?
A: Yes. Flowers are to be placed in the sanctuary but not on the altar table.
Q: At what time and where should flowers be delivered?
A: The church will be open for only one hour before the wedding. At St. John's deliveries should come to the handicap ramp door (Eastern Ave side). At St. Anthony's, to the glass doors on Seward Place.
Q: Do you allow the use of an aisle runner at either church?
A: No.

Q: Are there restrictions with photography?
A: Please instruct the photographer and or videographer to finish posed photography within 30 minutes of the end of your ceremony.

Q: Do you offer in-person rehearsals?
A: No. A Youtube video has been created that gives the general flow of the wedding ceremony. You can click the links directly below or in the side column of this page to view.
Q: May the guest Celebrant request a rehearsal?
A: Yes. However Fr. Carlino and our Parish Deacons do not conduct rehearsals.

SJE Wedding Rehearsal Video | SJE Wedding Mass Video

Q: Do you offer wedding planning services?
A: No.
Q: Can I have programs printed?
A: Yes. However, you bear the responsibility of the printing. Please bring them to the ceremony.
Q: Can rice, birdseed, and/or flower petals be thrown outside of church after the ceremony?
A: No. However, bubbles are allowed.

The Wedding Appointment:
Q: What is the fee to be married at St. John's or St. Anthony's Church?
A: The fees for weddings at either Church are $1500.00, $1000.00 of which is a non-refundable deposit.
Q: Can we be married by a Priest or Deacon who is a family friend?
A: Yes. A Letter of Suitability must be obtained from the Celebrant's home diocese if he is not from the Albany Diocese, and it must be given to Fr. Carlino 3 months before the wedding.
Q: Is there a fee to be paid to the Celebrant?
A: If the Celebrant is Fr. Carlino, there is no fee. If the Celebrant is a guest, he is usually paid a fee plus mileage.
Q: Who do I contact to set up the wedding appointment?
A: Send an email to: Please provide your names, the church you wish to be married at, and your phone number. Please note wedding appointments are only booked between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

We will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days.

Q: I have questions that weren't addressed here or at my appointment. What should I do?
A: You may email us. However we will allow six contacts in total. We have extremely limited staff and do not provide wedding planning services or advice. Most of the questions directly related to your ceremony should be answered here or at your wedding appointment. We kindly ask you to please respect this policy.

Contact Information:
St. John the Evangelist/St. Anthony's Churches
Attn: Wedding department
806 Union St.
Schenectady NY 12308


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